Lemons and Limes is clothing partnership business in the city of Toronto, produced and controlled by the two owners, Emma and Jules. Our goal is to inspire and motivate others to follow what they are passionate about, and to always believe they can do anything. Being two grade 10 students with limited knowledge on business, no income, and no experience with jobs; starting our own company seemed impossible. Logistics never played out in our favor and the more we thought about it, we wouldn't be able to start up a company. But, there are always a million reasons not to do something. Even in the basics, the owners self-manage the entire business, as well as self-create the website, take the photographs for the look book, and all other aspects of th company. L&L's products and designs are personally made by the owner’s creativity and are hand printed with a heat press.


Lemons and Limes is a local business, however it does not own its own store. The purchasing of products is either done through sending money to our PayPal (lemonslimes.contact@gmail.com), or through paying in cash at meetups. To organize a payment method, go to the "Buy" page above.


There are no tryons, refunds, returns, or backouts at L&L. Lemons and Limes will not be apart of any bids, trades, or negotiations of price. For any other inquiries, please contact us via email: lemonslimes.contact@gmail.com :)




Email: lemonslimes.contact@gmail.com